Urban Edge

Modern Mentorship Immersion

Denver, Co

Connect - Engage - Grow

Mountains meet the city

What Does Modern Mentorship Look Like?

Urban Edge is a young adult transition program that uses strategic partners within the metro Denver community to augment the core mentoring that daily targets healthy, goal-oriented living.  Key Highlights…

  • A base of operations that fosters curiosity and connectivity
  • Individual interest based mentorship connections and placements
  • Daily life skills support
  • Exposure to a large population allowing constant access to cutting edge thinkers
  • Focus on professional development, academics, core interests, community involvement, and outdoor adventure

Services In a Nutshell

  • Residential
  • Various Trait Assessments
  • Academic Guidance
  • Apprenticeships
  • Professional Development
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Work

What Differentiates Us

Completely Individualized:

  • Length of stay
  • Daily schedule
  • Frequency of individual therapy
  • Interest based mentorship

There are no programmatic phases. The last thing we want is for a client to feel in a perpetual state of being in a program. Everything is tailored to meet each individual’s needs.  This personalization is actually pretty rare, but we’ve found it highly beneficial to both gauge and understand success as it relates to each client.  

Mentorship Opportunities

We work with each client to help place and connect them with mentorship opportunities aligning with their specific interests, passions and goals. We maintain professional and educational partnerships in and around Denver to ensure that we can accommodate even the most specific of interests.

No Phases

We offer short term contracts to ensure Urban Edge is the best fit for each of our clients.  If Urban Edge is not the right place, we will help guide the process of moving forward.

8-Person Residential Limit

For personalized placements, mentorship, and day-to-day living support, the residential program is an intentionally small community.

Short Contracts

Denver offers endless opportunities for growth during and post program.  Clients establish a strong network in one of the country’s most thriving cities.

Step Up In A Progressive City

Denver has the highest percentage of high school and college graduates in the country, 400 miles of bike paths running through and around the city, and is listed in the top 10 cities in a ranking of the nation’s best places for young adults.

The Urban Edge concept was born from growing awareness that young adults need to launch in an environment they’re not only passionate about, but somewhere they want to stay post residence.

Urban Edge Community

Urban Edge was founded with the forward goal of creating a lasting community of motivated young adults in one of our greatest cities. We stay connected. Community development is not just an idea…it’s a commitment.


  • “Clay and Andrew are incredible mentors and visionary professionals always looking to improve their programs. Not only do they help clients from beginning  to end, but they also develop relationships that last beyond the time spent together. They have been an important part of my personal transition and undoubtedly will continue to help others in the future.”

    – Josh, Client

  • “Andrew has my highest regard and recommendation. He will be an incredible asset to anyone who is struggling with family issues and their young adult. Andrew was instrumental in turning our family crisis into a period of positive transitions. Our problems didn’t materialize overnight and the solutions took time. He was there, always available to provide calm and reassurance with insight, clarity of thought and personal experience perspective. I am forever grateful for his work in our lives.”

    – Adelle, Mother

  • “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Clay before, during and after my son attended his program for young adults. Young adults who are struggling to launch from childhood to adulthood. His knowledge, insight and experience has always been on point during this difficult journey. Plus he has developed a healthy relationship with his own son which is confirmation to his seemingly innate ability. It’s been a privilege.”

    – Rhonda, Mother

  • “My son was their Client for approximately five months as he adjusted back into routine living following an intensive Wilderness Therapy Program in Utah. Andrew & Clay are experienced at the highest level in dealing with myriad issues & situations involving young adults and the many challenges they face becoming responsible, successful citizens. Our experiences and interactions with Clay & Andrew have been nothing short of positive and productive. From preset conference calls, to required reading, pre-arranged family counseling and after care follow up calls, these guys stay involved for the Client/Participant to make positive steps toward self-awareness and personal growth. Parents, siblings and loved ones are just fortunate and grateful beneficiaries.”

    – Scott, Father