Client Assessments

Urban Edge utilizes YouScience Assessments to help clients better understand their strengths, and strategically develop their core interests and career/Academic goals.

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make. YouScience gives you impactful guidance to get focused on where you want to be.

Proven science and algorithms encourage self-discovery and more confidence in your post-secondary choices. By combining aptitudes (what you naturally do well) AND interests (what you like doing), we match you to your best-fit personalized career path.

YouScience has conducted extensive research and testing with leading psychology experts, educators and career guidance counselors to ensure the results and recommendations meet or exceed validity standards.

Why Urban Edge uses YouScience:

  • PERSONALIZED Strong-Fit / Good-Fit MATCHES to 500+ CAREERS through YouScience’s proprietary
    matching algorithm.
  • IN-DEPTH INFORMATION on each career including a day-in-the-life, core job tasks, salaries, and educational    requirements.
  • Comprehensive INSIGHTS on how YOUR natural ABILITIES impact your work, school, and social life, and tips for improving your performance.
  • Self-advocacy LANGUAGE designed to communicate your UNIQUE ABILITIES on resumes, job interviews, applications, or college essays.
  • Online access to your results for the next 10 years.